Friday, January 13, 2012

Guest post for today on Catholic Dating

As a single in today’s world, it comes as no surprise that it can be tough to meet someone with whom
you are romantically compatible enough to date or share a relationship. And because your perfect
match would possess the same faith, values and religious ideals as you, if you’re a Catholic single, it
can be that much more difficult on the dating front. Although God has a plan for everyone, sometimes
we need a little help to ease the process along…so be sure to check out the following tips for finding a
Catholic match:

Open your heart. Before setting out in search of love or companionship, make sure that you are
mentally and spiritually ready to do so. If you have been hurt in previous relationships, it is crucial to
take the time necessary to heal from old wounds. When you hold onto the past, you do nothing but
carry that negativity into your new relationship, prohibiting yourself from moving forward and finding
true happiness with another person. Rather than focusing on it, reflect on your failed romantic history
as a learning experience and enjoy the present—remember to keep your heart open so you don’t miss
out on new people, new experiences and new love that God brings into your life.

Define your goals. Take some time to sit and think about the kind of person you are, the kind of person
you want to attract and how you plan to grow closer to each other and God in a Catholic relationship.
Write down all of the characteristics and qualities you find to be ideal in a potential match and look for
people who possess such traits. If you’re serious about finding a committed relationship, don’t waste
any more time with people you know aren’t right for you.

Go to church. You want to find a Catholic match in your area? Easy! Just go to Mass on Sunday! Get
active in church activities like volunteering, Bible study and even consider joining your church’s singles
group that is likely to be filled with plenty of eligible members of your congregation. To broaden your
horizons, feel free to visit other Catholic churches and check out their social groups as well.

Go online. Because of the popularity of the internet dating these days, more and more Catholic singles
across the web are increasing their chances of meeting like-minded individuals with just a few clicks of
a mouse. When using online dating sites catering specifically to Catholics, you have the opportunity
eliminate wasted time and energy on dates that don’t work out by creating a profile to hone in on exact
matches, sort through thousands of singles you wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise and interact
with them to determine whether or not there is a connection—all from the convenience of your own

Patience, positivity, prayer. The road to love can often be a long, lonely path that sometimes may feel
like it’s never going to end. If dates and relationships don’t work out, be patient and remember the key
to attracting a positive person is being positive yourself. Talk to God and pray about Him bringing the
right person into your life.

Guest post author, Erica St. Claire, enjoys writing about dating and relationships in the Catholic
community. In addition, Erica also owns Free Catholic Dating Sites where she provides resources for
Catholic singles interested in online dating.

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